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The Activated

The Activated


The Activated


“Embody your divinity, harness your feminine power, and embrace the life you are meant to live….releasing the shame, struggle, and fear once and for all.”


Welcome Powerful Goddess

Welcome Powerful Goddess

Welcome Powerful Goddess

Welcome Powerful Goddess

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to the Activated Alchemist.

Before we dive deeply into the content, I have a powerful and important question for you….

Are you willing to radically change your view and perception of yourself FOREVER? So you can allow in limitless trust, undeniable self-worth, & sacred abundance—and in doing so, shift your entire life?

I invite you to respond with a deep and fully embodied,
‘YES!’ Because that vow will change your entire life, right here and right now.

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I now allow myself to expand my soul and life with love, grace, and complete trust. I am now open to understand and know myself on a deeper level than ever before and step fully into this knowing.

my body temple and nurture it
I am awakened, activated, and deeply abundant. I am grateful. I am alchemizing NOW.

Aho. And so it is...

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Is this program for you?

Feeling conflicted between a path that society wants for you and the soul path that you came here to walk?

Are you unfilled, lacking purpose, people pleasing & obedient once again?

Have you been doubting yourself and the inspiration you receive from the divine? Unable to trust your own inner compass and follow it?

Are you cycling through limiting beliefs, shame, and past trauma that keeps you trapped?

Unsure how to activate & integrate your sexual creative energy and stand in your full power as a woman?

Afraid to share your voice and speak your truth even when you are aware of the potency of what you have to say?

Are you stuck in an unhealthy comparison trap?

If you're ready to say ENOUGH to all of that, to understand and accept yourself fully, step bravely with your intuition as your guide, and serve deeply while you make your unique impact, this is the program for you.




Picture this

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Core Outcomes

1. Embodied and embracing all aspects of your femininity and truth as a woman.

2. Healed from tragedy, heartbreak, and limiting beliefs to now stand in your knowing and divinity, living the life that LIGHTS YOU UP!

3. OUT of struggle and into ease as your truth is activated, living in alignment, with a deep and sacred bond with the universe.

4. You remember that your life is a gift and you live it fully, eager to share yourself with the world.

5. You understand and listen to the needs of your body, supporting it fully as it supports you, existing at a higher frequency and energy level than ever before.

6. Released all shame and embarrassment around your body and sexuality - shifting into a goddess who feels sexy, sexual, and sacred in her own skins.

7. You are done playing small, know your place, and stand empowered as the EPIC woman you are.

8. Your self-worth is undeniable and you are inspired daily by the life you are creating.

I'm inviting you to

say yes

to yourself and the life that you deserve and desire!


  • Six 1-hr, Integration Calls (Value: $6,000)

  • Six 30-minute group Mindset Workshops ($3,000)

  • Energy Activation/Releasing Agreements Video (Value: $1,000)


  • Mind Body Reset Digital Course (Value: $2,000)

  • Your Sacred Temple Digital Course (Value: $1,500)

  • The Woman's Journey Digital Course (Value: $2,500)

  • The Sacred Sexuality Digital Course (Value: $2,000)

  • Souly Expressed and Guided Digital (Value: $2,000)

  • Living Brave and Embodied Digital Course (Value: $2,000)

Total Value: $23,000


  • Six Guided Meditations: Embody Your Divine Changes on all levels with a deep sense of connection and ease.

  1. Empowerment Affirmations

  2. My Body is a Temple

  3. Archetype Embodiment

  4. Sacred Sexual Activation

  5. Intuition Awakening

  6. Brave and Bold

Bonuses Total Value: $1,200


Pay in Full Bonuses:
Private messaging support, up to 20-minutes per week for personalized coaching (Value: $3,997)
One 60-minute Loving Yourself Into Wealth Activation Class ($1,000)

Pay in Full Bonuses Total Value: $4,997

TOTAL VALUE: $29,197

Your Investment: $4,444





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Payment Plan 1:
$2,488 upfront + One further payment of $2,488
due 1 month later (total: $4,976)



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Payment Plan 2:
$2,040 upfront + Two monthly payments of $1,500
(total: $5,040)




“Transformational. That is how I would describe working with Courtney. I came to her ready for growth but not knowing where to start. The self growth I experienced affirmed the direction I was going. Since working with Courtney I have made HUGE moves in my life thanks to her empowerment.

I have stepped into my own power and am grateful every day. I continue to build my business successfully, I have walked away from relationships that don't serve my higher self and I practice unconditional self love daily. I show up because I want to make a positive impact in this world. I am so grateful for Courtney. I recommend her to anyone and everyone ready to make a positive impact in their lives!!"

- Courtney Lewallen
(Owner of Traverse Beyond)

“Courtney offers a transformative experience to delve into and strengthen the relationship and appreciation within and for ourselves as the unique and valuable beings that we each are. Courtney is an extremely special person with expansive knowledge, professionalism and experience. She truly wants to see every human achieve their highest version of self and is extremely well-equipped to aid you in your journey. She has the ability to really listen. To every single person. She creates a safe container, and puts her students first.

While working with Courtney my expectations were completely blown away. I felt that I was able to reconnect with the “real me”, the most authentic part of me (and literally connected face to face with my higher self!). This provided the clarity that I was seeking, along with deep healing, and a brighter outlook on life as a whole. I have made physical moves to take my life in a new direction -- one that I feel promises more freedom and a brighter, broader perspective on how I relate to everything I encounter in my day to day life.”

- Andrea Vanderbilt
(Owner of Teach Me To Grow)


“ Courtney is like a member of your family, because she is Soul Family. She naturally loves you without effort. It never felt forced like with other coaches and mentors. She is open to your input and always there to provide wisdom from her own experiences. She is both someone I look up to and that I can relate to right now. It felt amazing to experience such comfortability and connection with someone.

Courtney’s offerings are loving, inspiring and transforming. She combines her gentle nature with her innovative experiences to create space for loving change. There is no shame, no need to fault the past, only to be in the moment you are working with her. Show up, be present and listen to her teachings - that is how you will experience nurturing transformation and powerful shifts in consciousness.

Soulfully, I can surely say
Courtney’s encouragement of us to see ourselves as “God beings” has reshaped my world. Not only being a part of God but one with God has cleansed my soul.”

- Jill Kelly

“I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me, I feel happy again. I love myself now, I believe in myself, I know that I am worth it. I can and will do what makes me happy. I feel more at peace with myself. I am confident in my decision making process because I feel I am more in touch with my higher power! I know that the choices I make will be what is best for me.

Courtney is a beautiful soul that really cares about everyone. She only wants you to full your greatest calling and is willing to help you in any way she can. I have only worked with a therapist which I feel didn’t get me anywhere. It’s hard to find a genuine, authentic, honest-to-goodness person who really cares about you!

Courtney gives you the tools to help you get in touch with yourself. She helps you reach your highest potential by guiding you through each powerful experience. Courtney is a genuine person and trusting her to guide you through your journey will be one of the best things you can do for yourself.”

- Ann Terrazas


““Before working with Courtney I was frustrated. I had a very in depth spiritual practice but was struggling to make sense of mastering this earthly dimension, grounding all of my manifestations into reality, and harnessing the power of the healing relationship with Mother Earth.

Now I allow myself more grace. Honoring feelings as they come, calling on support when needed, and knowing that I can return to living the embodiment of love at any time.

Courtney is such a special soul. She is truly living her life purpose guiding others to awaken and remember their own power and live their purpose to serve and make a positive impact on the world. She differs from other coaches I’ve worked with in the variety of ways she helps you integrate the lessons learned both during and after.

Courtney is so gifted at dropping into her expansive heart center and holding this space for her clients and community. Witnessing the power that this space has to transmute fears and alchemize pain and suffering into love is a gift in itself. Observing these shifts personally is truly transformational.

To quote Courtney “the moment something crosses your awareness it’s yours to address.”
If working with her has crossed your awareness, accept it as the sign from your soul, that she is the guide for you at this point in your journey and fall into trust once you make that decision forces beyond your wildest dreams will conspire to show you the way to make it happen.”

- Nikki Fielding


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What I Want You To Know


  • Certified in Chinese Medicine & Qi-Gong (in China), and Ayurveda & Yoga (in India)

  • Diploma in Meditation, Wicca, Master Herbalism, and Mindfulness.

  • On the path of awakening for over 15 years, lived in multiple intentional spiritual communities, ashrams in India, and studied with gurus in the caves of the sacred mountain of Arunachala.

  • School teacher for 10 years, two bachelor's degrees, and working towards a master's in teaching and education.

  • Developed and opened schools in refugee camps and small villages in Africa and China.

  • Is the leader and owner of a thriving company and movement: Wholesome Alchemy

My personal life experience and level of expertises is rare and hard to find. This is an invitation to skip the thousands of hours it would take to be where I am. Together we can accelerate your spiritual, physical, and emotional transformation. We will infuse your life with practical tools that bring your true self forth, in all your GLORY. I am different because not only am I a coach but a guide, healer, teacher, and student of these practices. I am a master teacher, embodying my truths, and I am here to serve. I will help you fall in love with yourself, your life, and respond to the longing of your soul to SERVE YOUR WORLD. We need you. All of you. No more half assed version. No more partial expression. No more limiting beliefs. It is time to wake up. It is time to become an Activated Alchemist of your life.


The World


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