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Aug 1, 2024 - Sep 1, 2024

Clarity and Direction Challenge

  • 32Days
  • 123Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


What if I tell you, I’ve created a 30-day challenge, 20 minutes a day, to create multiple new habits. Powerful, purposeful, expansive habits 😁💪🏼💓 Through this challenge you will: ✨Create & Integrate healthy habits ✨Find peace at the start & end of your day ✨Gain clarity of what brings you joy ✨Gain clarity of what drains your energy ✨Connect with a community ✨Learn something new about YOU (each day) ✨Gain direction of who you want to be ✨Receive the benefits of the tools we utilize And so so so much more… Change begins with choice and challange. If you ever want change to last, you must choose it. You must decide for yourself that you want something different, something more. But what? Through awareness of yourself, those answers become clear. During this challange, you will find these answers. You will have access to: 💓all of the pre-created material to guide your morning and evening sessions. 💓our portal for the 30 days of this challenge. 💓Two LIVE 1 hr group calls with ME— 8/1 & 9/1 (replays available) With all of this new awareness you will have the clarity to make small adjustments in your life so that joy, excitement, energy & growth become a constant for you. 💓💓 Our first call is on August 1st but your challenge officially begins on August 2nd! A 30 day journey of clarity and direction. A challenge of self awareness, gaining clarity & direction & leading you towards self improvement. Can't wait to be with YOU:)




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