Aug 1, 2022 - Aug 31, 2022

Clarity and Direction Challange

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Change begins with choice and challange. If you ever want change to last, you must choose it. You must decide for yourself that you want something different, something more. But what? Through awareness of yourself, those answers become clear. Do you find yourself tired randomly throughout your day? Suddenly zapped of your energy? Would you like to know why? Are you wanting more experiences that bring you excitement and joy? Would you like to know which ones? Do you want a better understanding of yourself? To learn something new about YOU each day? During this challange, you will find these answers. You will also enter peace at the beginning of your day and again at the end🙏🏼💓 You will experience forgiveness towards the areas that need more growth and excitement for who you are becoming. With all of this new awareness you will have the clarity to make small adjustments in your life so that joy, excitement, energy and growth become a constant for you. 💓💓 On August 1st, we will gather online, for one hour, to begin the 30 day journey of clarity and direction. A 30 day challange of self awareness, gaining clarity and direction and leading you towards self improvement.

Courtney Bohlman
Courtney Bohlman



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