The Woman's Journey (Archetypal Work) SP

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Welcome to the Woman's Journey. This course contains 10 modules, that move you through the archetypes and the energy pattern that they reside within. We will begin by understanding what archetypes are and why it is important for us to study and understand them. We will identify each archetype in its shadow & light and gain tools as to how we can embody and integrate them within us. We will move through the archetypes by awakening them with the energies of our chakras. Working up our chakras and the archetypes that reside within each one. After completing each module, you will then utilize your embodiment meditation. We encourage you to utilize this meditation often, allow these archetypes to fully activate within you. This will give you the ability to activate them when their role is needed in your life. ***This course is included in the Activated Alchemist Program. If you are interested in learning beyond archetypal wisdom, we encourage you to explore that 12 week program, which gives you access to MULTIPLE programs and live group calls at a fraction of the investment.*** **This program is for Women**

Trevor Bennion
Trevor Bennion



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