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Sisterhood Circle (Membership Program)

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Welcome to our Membership Program! This is a place for those who are interested in staying consistent in the Wholesome Alchemy energy. As this membership group grows and time continues you will find more and more powerful and impactful content being added. Each month you will receive: 1. 1 Live Group Expansion Call (4th Sunday @11am) 2. 1 Live Community Gathering (2nd Wednesday @ 10:00am EST) 3. 1 Live Energy Cleansing Meditation (1st Monday @ 8:00pm EST) 4. 1-3 Live or recorded Exclusive Yoga class 5. 1 Live or recorded Exclusive Meditation 6. Access to pre-recorded yoga classes, meditations, Qi-gong, and dynamic meditations 7. Access to our ever expanding content library with e-books, recipes, and articles 8. Access to our community group chat! To stay connected and accountable in your journey. 9. Book Club! Only $40 per month!



Sisterhood Circle, $40.00/month

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Community Hub (Membership Chat)

Community Hub (Membership Chat)

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