100% Organic Cleansing Products

We understand that it can feel overwhelming to make the switch to organic and non-toxic products, which is why we have made it simple for you. Providing you with all the body care products you need in one place. At Wholesome Alchemy we offer products that both cleanse and moisturize your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Our organic cleansing products are available in a variety of shampoo bars, body soaps, and facial soaps. These recipes are crafted with the knowledge of Ayurveda medicine, meaning that they are designed to work with the body to create health and wellness. Our ingredients are chosen for their healing properties to help create balance on and in your body. We encourage you to take our quiz to determine the best body soap for your unique body.

Our creamy coconut shampoo bars work with the natural oils of your hair to keep each strand moisturized yet never greasy, for days at a time. Each ingredient is chosen for a specific reason to help nourish, moisturize, and support your hair and its healthy growth.