100% Organic Soy Wax Candles

We are proud to offer 100% organic soy wax candles. Every one of our candles is hand poured and crafted with love. Before making our products we always move into meditation to ensure we are centered, guaranteeing that each candle is filled with this love and intention.

Our candles are scented with 100% organic and pure essential oils. Creating a more subtle and natural scent, providing a nontoxic and clean burning candle.

All of our candles come in plastic free reusable containers. Whether that be glass, ceramic, or wood. All of our wood bowls are hand carved, creating a truly unique and personal product each and every time. As an environmentally friendly company, we strongly encourage that once your candle burns, simply wash it out and repurpose.

We offer many different scents and styles and encourage you to explore the best option that serves and satisfies you.