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Updated: Oct 28

Howling at the moon and calling in my fellow goddesses, priestesses, witches, and mystics….the women who are ready to let down their hair, release their shame, and honor the stream of sexual, creative, and emotional energy that flows through them.

Exploring our historic roots to recognize where the shame & repression of our bodies, sexuality, and innately magical gifts came from.

Traveling back thousands of years to a time before women were labeled as “hysterical” and “lunatics”…. hysteria comes from the Latin hystericus "of the womb” and the Greek hysterikos "suffering in the womb.” Lunatics, which steams from the word Luna (the moon).

We have been told that our strengths are our weaknesses….and I am saying NO MORE.

It is time that we explore and remember when women were revered as

  • leaders

  • warriors

  • healers

  • priestesses;

a time when a woman’s sexuality was honored and even worshipped; a time when menstrual blood was considered sacred; a time when female deities were considered the norm.

It’s difficult to imagine, isn’t it?

We’ve lived in a culture that has repressed and shamed the empowered and divine feminine for so long that we have no genetic memory of what it must have been like to live in a culture that revered the feminine.

The shift is coming and I am here to call the feminine forward within each of us.

It is time to rebel against the uptight mindset and repressive expectations around women and our bodies.

I am setting myself free and calling women forward to do the same.

You are ready.

Enrollment is open for "The Activated Alchemist" where we do this work and SO MUCH MORE.


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