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Is attaining a spiritual connection the same as personal development?

Updated: May 18, 2023

Someone asked recently, “do you work in self development?” It took me a second. Yes, and no… I felt the urge to say, “No, more in helping people find their spiritual connections.” Is attaining a spiritual connection the same as self development?

Let's dive into this and understand deeper what self development is and how that is connected to a spiritual connection.

What is self development?

Self development encompasses techniques to develop a person's capabilities and potential, enhance a person’s quality of life, and allows someone to realize their dreams and desires.

People often hire a life coach, read self-help books, and/or invest in programs that they might feel will help them become a better version of themselves.

What about investing in yourself to dive into your spirituality? Does that constitute personal development?

What is the goal of self development?

The goal of self development is self awareness. Enough self-awareness and we can notice habits, beliefs, and thought patterns that are not serving us. Then, we have the choice to intentionally change them, and replace or add habits and beliefs that support us in becoming a better version of ourselves.

Self awareness. Self awareness is a pillar in spiritual growth as well. When we begin to become aware of ourselves, of habits, etc, we also become aware of our consciousness.

What is a spiritual connection?

“A spiritual practice is the foundation of a meaningful life.”

- Oprah Winfrey

So many successful individuals have a spiritual practice. A spiritual connection looks different for everyone!

Some ways to cultivate a connection are….

  1. Silent meditation

  2. Yoga practice

  3. Prayer

  4. Showing gratitude

  5. Spending time in nature

  6. Journaling

  7. Breathwork

Personal Development vs Spiritual Connection

Self development and cultivating a spiritual connection can be very similar and overlap in some ways.

Many people may find a spiritual connection in their self development journey, even though that was not intended. Others might find a spiritual connection, though, not necessarily develop themselves.

Here is a comparative model to show how these two can overlap. Though, within the personal development model one expands on their lifestyle (ex: unique talents, expanding financially, and stepping into potential).

Within cultivating a spiritual connection this diagram offers the idea of self-awareness. When you have self awareness then, you can notice your identity and your dreams and aspirations. Without self-awareness, also, you would not be able to be aware of your potential nor notice your talents.


Do you feel called to expand in your spiritual growth? Or your personal development?


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