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The Wholesome Alchemy Journal

Make Your Impact

To truly love, we must be vulnerable.

To truly love, we must be vulnerable.

To truly connect, we must be vulnerable.

To truly learn, we must be vulnerable.

To truly LIVE, we must be vulnerable.

Yet, we are not. Instead of dealing with or allowing vulnerability we numb it.

As a society we are addicted, in-debt, obese, disconnected.

But the thing is, when we “numb” one aspect, we numb it all.

If we limit the pain and sadness we also limit the happiness and joy. So we ultimately end up miserable and vulnerable and go back into the cycle of numbing on an even deeper level. ——— It is time we open our hearts. It is time YOU open your heart. Your whole heart.

Let yourself be seen. Deeply seen. Vulnerably seen.

Do not live in fear, live in gratitude and joy for the potential of what each moment can bring.

And most importantly...believe that you are enough.

It may sound easy when you read it...but in reality is is hard and extremely scary.

But the beautiful piece is that you don’t have to do it alone. You are not alone.

Together we can get there. We have to.

Love is a language. Love is a state of being. Love can only be entered with a vulnerable heart.

I am holding space for more beings to join our transformational retreat, “Living Love”.

Where we will be extremely vulnerable. Opening our hearts and letting go of limitations and fears, sharing our experiences and letting ourselves be seen, developing our self-love and transitioning to becoming wholehearted beings.

But ultimately...we will LOVE. Full heartedly and wholeheartedly.

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