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What is an Empowered Woman?

Many women dream to be empowered. To achieve her dreams, stand in her power, be surrounded by sisters, all with great ease. Yet, it can be harder than it sounds. So what does it take to be an empowered woman? What is an empowered woman?

We can all be empowered in our own ways, in fact, we have to. That is what makes an empowered woman… empowered!

In the Activated Alchemist we dove deep into our unique self expressions of different archetypes. How to embody your queen energy, how to embody your goddess energy, how to embody your priestess energy… All relates to becoming an empowered woman.

So, let’s dive in.

An empowered woman is a woman who fully embodies who she truly is. She speaks up for herself, does things that serve her first. Most importantly, though, she is a unique expression of herself in all realms of life, unapologetically.

Top 6 things that make an empowered woman different

1. She follows her purpose.

This takes a lump sum of bravery to step into who we are meant to become. An empowered woman can hold some fear or self doubt, but her drive for purpose is stronger than any fear or self doubt. She will fail, but she knows that is necessary for her growth.

2. She loves herself endlessly.

A woman might have a hard time becoming empowered if she is challenged with self love. In order to arrive in the world fully, she must have a deep sense of self love, first and foremost. Deep self love allows her to step fully into her purpose because she knows no matter what she will always have love for herself.

3. She holds a deep interest for expansion

Expansion is the essence of growth. An empowered woman always is searching for how she can grow her purpose to the next level. She is always searching for new ways to grow, expand, create, and become. A mundane routine will not last in an empowered woman’s life, she will leave to search for her expansion.

4. She demonstrates vulnerability

An empowered woman understands that showing emotions does not make you weak, it only makes you stronger. She puts herself in positions to be vulnerable and deeply understands that community is the key to becoming a stronger individual. Let the tears flow sisters!

5. She knows her worth

An empowered woman does not let anyone tell her who she is or what she is worthy of. She has a deep sense of knowing who she is and is worthy of everything and more. An empowered woman does not allow anyone to tamper that truth.

5. She uses her voice.

When a woman is empowered she stands for what she believes in. Her purpose is strong because she is standing up for what she truly believes in. She is an embodiment of everything she stands for, she does not just believe it she is it.


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