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Make Your Impact

What we place upon our skin has a SERIOUS impact on our health.

Everyone knows that our skin looks best when it is healthy. Without healthy skin we find ourselves dealing with symptoms such as dryness, dullness, acne, and inflammation. We promise to NEVER use harsh chemicals that dry the skin and create dependency. Every one of our products will heal and nourish, never strip and sensitize. We want our products to work with your body to create balance, leaving you with healthy and hydrated skin, lips, and hair.

Did you realize that 60% of the ingredients that we apply to our skin are absorbed? Once absorbed these ingredients can go into our blood stream. What does this mean? Our skin care can have a serious impact on our health. At Wholesome Alchemy we believe that we are made of the food we eat and the products we place upon our body. Just like the food we eat, we only use fresh, natural, and wholesome ingredients that will positively contribute to your health. It is important to understand what your skin and hair needs—which is where “less is more” comes in. Don’t overdo it—or you will cause more harm than good. Be gentle with your body and pay attention to what it needs. Over washing can cause breakouts, dry skin, and inflammation—all of which we are trying to move away from.