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The Wholesome Alchemy Journal

Make Your Impact

Will You Do Life With Us?!

We want to do life with you.

We want to see your journey and be by your side each step of the way.

We want to support you, encourage you, cheer you on.

We want YOUR success as deeply as I want mine.

We genuinely believe that YOU— EACH ONE OF YOU— can have your dreams.

You just have to CHOOSE them. You can’t settle for what you have been given. You have to REMEMBER what you came here for.

Who you TRULY are.

Remembering can be hard on your own…because you were never taught the tools, the faith, the belief…. And without those things, dreams can often be unreachable.

We have tools. We have faith. We have belief. We have PROOF and we want to share ALL of that with YOU.

You dreams are reachable. Your dreams are possible. Your TRUTH is waiting.

Your community is HERE

At Wholesome Alchemy, we ARE different. We are family. We are connected long after you attend an event or a retreat.

Our community is GROWING We are RISING We are BECOMING We are REMEMBERING

We would LOVE if you joined us. We would LOVE to do life with you.

We gather for our transformational retreats 6 times each year.

Where we deepen our connection to the Earth, each other, ourselves, and god-the universe- great spirit.

There are many retreats to choose from…many communities you could join but we PROMISE you, we are different.

I trust that those of you who are meant to take this journey with us—WILL UNDERSTAND THIS.

Trust is the first step. It opens the door and then you get to enter into an entirely new reality and when you stay connected to this community—to me— you can hold steady in this new realm of existence.

So we ask you, will you do life with us?

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The Wholesome Alchemy Community

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