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Group of People Practicing Meditation Outside at Yoga Retreat

Discover Your Next Level of
Authentic Expression

Through Love & Guidance

Wholesome Alchemy is the experience of being held in love as you magically transform into your highest expression of self through transformational yoga retreats and an online sisterhood circle.

We are a movement.

who we are...

Do you feel the call to embody your love and live the life of your dreams?

Embody your divinity, harness your power, open your heart, and embrace the life you are meant to live… Releasing the shame, struggle, and fear once and for all when you join the Wholesome Alchemy movement.

Eight people in downward facing dog in yoga retreats abroad

Transformational Intensives & Sisterhood


Intensive Yoga Retreats

A return home...

Through embodiment we will guide you through the process of opening your heart and returning to spirit, understanding that spirit speaks through the heart.

As you learn to open this part of yourself, you will learn to connect more intimately with YOU, others, and spirit...
Our retreats are not a vacation, even though we gather in the most spectacular places on this planet. They are here to guide you back home. To guide each other home.

Embracing the dark and the light, and allowing your true self to emerge, in all your glory.
Find your home
Imagine what it would feel like to love yourself & your life completely. You wake up with the knowing, you are on the right path...

Your day is full of life, joy, inspiration. Your heart so full of love that it is tangible in the space around you. You are sensational magic, people comment how vibrant and alive you are. There is an indescribable energy vibrating throughout your entire physical form that feels as if you are floating just above the earth... Yet you are grounded, calm, & connected to pachamama all at once.

Peace flows within you & around you. All the sudden you are carrying a deep and intimate knowing of who you are... A c0-creator of your life, your destiny. You have taken back your power.

Join our next yoga retreat and this will no longer be in your imagination but a lived experience.

Imagine This ....

Yoga and meditation alter with stones and blankets. Background is a lake with trees

We stand in solidarity as we embody love and call forth the divine feminine within each of us. The feminine that is needed to bring balance back to our world.

Sisterhood Circle

We are the women, the sisterhood, waking up the world.

women sitting on a branch as the sunsets behind them

This is for you if...

✔ You’re seeking sacred community

✔ You’re committed to become who you were born to be

✔ You know that you were made for more

✔ You’re ready to elevate to the next-level in every way imaginable

✔ You’re awakened & on your journey

✔ You’re ready to learn more tools & skills for your expansion

✔ You’re courageous to excavate and heal any parts of yourself still hiding in shadow

✔ You’re heart centered and living from a place of love, overflow, and connection

✔ You refuse to hold back, shrink down, or play small any longer

✔ You’re ready to have, do, and BE, all that you desire


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To connect with me, put in your email. I look forward to meeting you! So much love & blessings.