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You Matter


Beautiful   Brilliant   Creative   Unique

Valuable   Capable   Important


Each of these statements is true, it is your truth … but you must believe it.

Are you ready to make some internal shifts that will massively impact all of your life and world?

Let’s do it together community

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About Courtney

Unlike every other teacher out there

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Courtney Bohlman
  • Certified in Chinese Medicine & Qi-Gong (in China), Ayurveda & Yoga (in India), Herbalism and Plant Spirit Medicine (from Menominee and Ojibwe tribes), Reiki & Attunement energy work. 


  • Diploma in Meditation, Master Herbalism, and Mindfulness. 


  • Over 10+ years of experience as a yoga teacher with over 1000 hours of certified Yoga Teacher Training, mostly gained in India. 


  • On the path of awakening for over 15 years, lived in multiple intentional spiritual communities, ashrams in India, and studied with gurus in the caves of the sacred mountain of Arunachala.


  • School teacher for 10 years, two bachelor's degrees, and working towards a masters in teaching and education.


  • Developed and opened schools in refugee camps and small villages in Africa and China


  • Is the leader and owner of a thriving company and movement, Wholesome Alchemy

My personal life experience and level of expertise is rare and hard to find. This is an invitation to skip the thousands of hours it would take to be where I am.  Together we can accelerate your spiritual, physical, and emotional transformation. We will infuse your life with practical tools that bring your true self worth, in all your GLORY. 


I am different because not only am I a coach but a guide, healer, teacher, and student of these practices. I am a master teacher, embodying my truths, and I am here to serve. I will help you fall in love with yourself, your life, and respond to the longing of your soul to SERVE YOUR WORLD.  


We need you. All of you. No more half assed version. No more partial expression. No more limiting beliefs. It is time to wake up. It is time to become an Activated Alchemist of your life. 


The world is waiting for you. 

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