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Four women smiling at the camera wearing mala beads, the ocean behind them
Two girls hugging and smiling with grass and the ocean behind them

The circle. The completed whole. The whole of who we are, all connected, all one. When I think about being wholesome, it comes back to a feeling, to our natural energetic state of love. It is the raw undefined and ever moving energy within all of us and all things. It is not rigid, nor can it get stuck… 


I have spent my whole life seeking and understanding how to bring myself into balance within and with all of life. Balance to live effortlessly and in flow with the universe and Spirit. Through the ups and downs, I allow myself to find the flow, to BE in flow. When we live inside a box, with straight lines and sharp edges, we can’t experience this. 


I have come to understand that to live in flow, to live a wholesome life, is to live in our hearts. To lead from our hearts. Our heart is what powers us, it is the source of our vibration, the source of flow. When we can live in this space, we transcend time, and we redefine what love is…


Two girls holding eachother at a yoga retreat with the ocean in the background

Alchemy is the magical process of transformation. To alchemize is to alter the state of a molecule, or ourselves. For alchemy to fully take place, it needs a catalyst. Something that guides it along the path of transformation. We can do it alone, but with the help of a catalyst we can transcend time. We can transcend our transformation.


We do this through the connections we make with each other, the wisdom we gain, the vulnerability we share, and the courage we embody. We alchemize and become the greatest version of ourselves... We un-become, letting go of past versions and past beliefs.  Understanding that every single version of ourself deserves love and grace.  There is no judgement on this journey, only embracing all that we are and all that we have been so that we may truly become who we were born to be. 

What is Wholesome Alchemy?

A community... A movement...

My name is Courtney and I am the founder of Wholesome Alchemy.
I was born and raised in the dairyland of Wisconsin. I never imagined this life for myself but spirit saw it before I ever could. 

In college I changed my major 4 times before graduating with a bachelor's degree in Sociology & a minor in youth studies & family violence prevention. I went back to school and gained my second bachelor's degree in child development, to be a teacher. I served
in this role for 10 years, while slowly working on my masters in teaching and education. I taught at and opened schools all over the world. I loved it BUT I kept being guided for…. more...

During this time I traveled. Gained
 certifications in as many spiritual tools as I could gather along the way: herbalism, Chinese medicine, Qi-gong, plant spirit medicine, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and more

I did it for me… or so I thought. Yoga was one of the first tools I found & the strongest practice I have. It is crazy to realize I have been teaching yoga for over 10 years now, with over 1,000 certified hours of teacher training and now leading trainings of my my own. When I first found yoga, I was feeling lost in life and disconnected.  I didn’t have my connection to my breath yet or know the power available in the present moment. Yoga showed me this. Yoga taught me WHO
 I was, WHAT I was. 

I have always been a lover, it's my gift. A gift to hear, feel, and speak to Spirit through this realm of my being. Throughout my life, I learned how to support and guide others to do the same, live with
an open heart. 

Spirit gifted me Wholesome Alchemy. The name woke m
e up from a dream. My first retreat was received through meditation... and every step since has been guided by Spirit. And finally, every tool I gathered along the way finally made sense. 

Why is Wholesome Alchemy so successful? Because I co-created it. Because spirit KNEW the world needed it. I listened. I stepped. I allowed. I got out of my own way and I created a movement that is changing the world.

If you feel the call to join, I am ready with open arms to hold, love, and support you on your journey. To reach out to me, place your email in the box below and we can begin to connect :)

Love & Blessings, Courtney

Hello beautiful soul, 

Can't wait to meet you :)

Courtney Bohlman smiling at the camera with green trees behind her
Words from Our Founder
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