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Woman leading yoga retreats abroad

Wholesome Alchemy

Yoga Retreats

Our yoga retreats are special and wholesome. Even though we do the “work” we do it with ease, grace, and love. Trust in the process, yourself, and the universe.

Explore Our Heart-Opening Yoga Retreats

Allow your heart to naturally surrender, soften, and open...

Courtney Bohlman teaching a meditation in a yoga retreat abroad with a lake and mountain in the background.

Awaken From Within

June 19-25th 2023

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Eleven people smiling at the camera filled with love.

Living Love

September 21-24th, 2023

Colorado, US

Courtney Bohlman smiling and sitting on the ground leading yoga retreats

Yoga Teacher Training

December 3-31st, 2023


A woman in the prayer of love infront of an altar with trees in the background

Blissful, Blessed, Balanced

March 16- 22nd 2024

Sacred Valley, Peru

Yoga class with seven people sitting in meditation

A Journey To The Sacred

May 27- June 3rd 2024

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

three people in meditation with the ocean in the background

Authentic Living and Embodiment

Feb 21- 25th 2024

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Seven people in a circle at a yoga retreat

What to Expect When You Join Our

All Inclusive Yoga Retreat

The moment you give that full hearted YES, is the moment everything changes.


With that yes, you never have to be alone on this path again. You have me, the Wholesome Alchemy community, and spirit at your side. Each step of the way. 


You have been guided here for a reason.

Trust yourself enough to know. 

If you are ready dive into the energy right now, join the sisterhood circle and get aligned before and after our retreat journey. 

So, you're thinking about it...

What to Expect

✔ Daily Yoga and Meditation

✔ Organic Vegetarian meals 2-3x / day 

✔ Epic Excursions

✔ Expansive Workshops

✔ Transformational Heart Based Check-ins 

✔ Deepening of a variety of spiritual tools

✔ Clearing and elevating your energy

✔ Embodiment of the yogic path

✔ Feeling "High on Life" - Substance free 

✔ Authentic heart & soul based connection

✔ Connection with SELF and Spirit: True Union

✔ Brave Vulnerability

✔ Lifelong friendship and community

Women at a long wooden table eating a meal and smiling

  Embodiment of a higher expression of yourself

✔ A Deeper Connection with Spirit

✔ An Open Heart filled with LOVE

✔ Meaningful Friendships 

✔ A community of like-minded, like-hearted, and like-souled beings

✔ Ultimately....the greatest retreat experience of your life.

When you leave....... We guarantee

See what others are saying!

An Opportunity to Stay Connected!

Join our Sisterhood Circle before & after the yoga retreat to stay in the frequency...

Six women in a circle hugging and smiling

On the fence? 

Two people sitting in a hammock looking out over a misty valley

"Courtney has such a spiritual side to her that just awakens you from deep within. She pushes you so you can find yourself. Being at her retreat... I know who I am now."

- Veronique

To connect with me, put in your email. I look forward to meeting you! Love & blessings!

Do you have questions or want more information? 
Woman smiling with the ocean in the background
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