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The Activated


“Embody your divinity, harness your power, and embrace the life you are meant to live.  Making your TRUE impact as a leader in this world."

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Welcome Powerful Woman

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to the Activated Alchemist.

Before you dive deeply into the content, I have an important question for you….

Are you willing to radically expand your view and perception of yourself FOREVER? So you can allow in limitless trust, undeniable self-worth, & impactful purpose—and in doing so, shift your entire life? Rising into your TRUE purpose and creating waves of impact in the process?

I invite you to respond with a deep and fully embodied,
‘YES!’ Because that vow will change your entire life, right here and right now.

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I now allow myself to expand my soul and life with love, grace, and complete trust. I am now open to understand and know myself on a deeper level than ever before and step fully into this knowing.

my body temple, my expansive heart, my limitless mind,
and my everlasting spirit.
I am awakened, activated, and deeply abundant.
I am grateful.
I am alchemizing NOW.

Aho. And so it is...


For The Woman Who...

Knows she was made for more. She is powerful, knows her worth and is committed to becoming who she is meant to be. 

Is ready to elevate to the next-level in every way imaginable. For herself. Her family. Her ancestral line. 

Is awakened and on her journey, ready to learn more skills and tools for her expansion.

Is courageous enough to dig a little deeper to excavate any pieces of herself that are still hiding in shadow.

Is ready for the impact, income, intimacy, and influence she was born for.

Is heart centered, living from a place of love, overflow, and connection.

Understands that when her expansive knowledge is combined with her intuition and self belief that she is UNSTOPPABLE.

Is wealthy and recognizes that all big dreams need big resources and is not afraid or ashamed to make, expand, and release money.

Refuses to hold back, shrink down, or play small any longer.

Will have, do and be all the things she desires. Period.

The Activated Alchemist is for the woman who is all of it.  Who wants all of it. Who is ready to take brave and bold action to create her biggest dreams into reality.

She was designed for this. Destined for it. 
I know it. 
She knows it. 

If you're ready to fully claim and embody all of that, to understand and accept yourself completely, step bravely with your intuition as your guide, and serve deeply while you make your unique impact, this is the program for you.




Picture this

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Core Outcomes

1. Embodied and embracing all aspects of your femininity and truth as a woman.

2. Standing fully and proudly in your knowing and divinity, living the life that LIGHTS YOU UP!

3. OUT of stagnation and into ease as your truth is activated, living in alignment, with a deep and sacred bond with the universe.

4. You remember that your life is a gift and you live it fully, eager to share yourself with the world.

5. You understand and listen to the needs of your body, supporting it fully as it supports you, existing at a higher frequency and energy level than ever before.

6. Released the last pieces of shame and embarrassment around your past, your body, and your sexuality - shifting into a goddess who feels sexy, sexual, and sacred in her own skin.

7. You are done playing small, know your place, and stand empowered as the EPIC woman you are.

8. Your self-worth is undeniable and you are inspired daily by the life you are creating.

I'm inviting you to

say yes

to yourself and the life that you deserve and desire!

This 16 Week Journey Includes....

Week 1, 2, & 3: Mind Body Connection

Together we will discover what is truly available when we activate the expansiveness of the mind and in doing so, release any limitations from your mind, emotions, and physical form. 

  • Energy Activation/Releasing Agreements Class (Value: $1,000)

  • Mind Body Connection Digital Course (Value: $2,000)

  • One 1- hr Live Integration Class (Value: $1,000)

  • One 30 Minute Live Activation Call (Value: $500)

Week 4, 5, & 6: Your Sacred Temple

You will continue to awaken and adore your physical form. Learning how to deeply care for your vessel in a sacred way. Understanding the potency of being a woman in flow with life and honoring the cycles that flow within you. 

  • Your Sacred Temple Digital Course (Value: $1,500)

  • One 1 hr Live Ayurveda Course (Value: $1,000)

  • One 1 hr Live Integration Class (Value: $1,000)

Week 7, 8 & 9: The Woman's Journey

Explore and open to a deeper understanding and acceptance of the multi facet expressions of being the divine feminine and how that shines through you uniquely as a woman today. 


  • The Woman's Journey Digital Course (Value: $2,500)

  • One 1 hr Live Integration Class (Value: $1,000)

  • One 30 Minute Live Activation Call (Value: $500)

Week 10 & 11: Sacred Sexuality

Together we will take a gentle approach to exploring and honoring this aspect of ourselves. Recognizing that healthy sexuality is our vitality, our wildness, our intuition, and our BIRTHRIGHT.  You will learn to awaken, cultivate, and understand more fully how these energies activate and integrate within yourself.

  • Sacred Sexuality Digital Course (Value: $2,000)

  • One 1 hr Live Integration Class (Value: $1,000)

  • One 30 Minute Live Activation Call (Value: $500)

Week 12 & 13: Souly Expressed & Guided

Intuition is the guide for your soul's path and expression. You are the messenger you have been waiting for.  You will learn to identify and listen to this gentle call within you.  Tapping in so you can learn what your spirit is saying. Awakening your soul's sacred calling to do what lights you up. 

  • Souly Expressed and Guided Digital Course (Value: $2,000)

  • One 1 hr Live Integration Class (Value: $1,000)

Week 14, 15 & 16: Living Brave & Bold

Free yourself from feeling shackled to the mundane mainstream approach to life and harness the power of your inner calm, radiate beauty, and expansive self.  Step fully into who you are and create the life you deserve.  No more playing small as you make the final shift into a woman who owns her voice and shares her message and vision with the world. 


  • Living Brave and Embodied Digital Course (Value: $2,000)

  • One 1 hr Live Integration Class (Value: $1,000)

  • One 30 Minute Live Activation Call (Value: $500)

  • One 1 hr Live Follow-up & Implementation Call (Value: $1,000)

Total Value: $23,000


  • Six Guided Meditations: Embody Your Divine Changes on all levels with a deep sense of connection and ease.

  1. Empowerment Affirmations 

  2. My Body is a Temple

  3. Archetype Embodiment

  4. Sacred Sexual Activation

  5. Intuition Awakening

  6. Brave and Bold 

Bonuses Total Value: $1,200


Pay in Full Bonuses:
Private messaging support, up to 20-minutes per week for personalized coaching (Value: $3,997)
One 60-minute Loving Yourself Into Wealth Activation Class ($1,000)

Pay in Full Bonuses Total Value: $4,997

TOTAL VALUE: $29,197

Your 1-1 Investment: $4,444
You Save $24,753!!
Your Group Investment: $3,333
You Save $25,864!!

Next Available Group Dates:
December 5th 2022- March 26th 2023
June 4th 2023- Sept 24th 2023

1-1 Program:
(Next start available on 11/27/22)

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