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The Activated


“Embody your divinity, harness your power, and embrace the life you are meant to live.  Making your TRUE impact as a leader in this world."

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Welcome Powerful Woman

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to the Activated Alchemist.

Before you dive deeply into the content, I have an important question for you….

Are you willing to radically expand your view and perception of yourself FOREVER? So you can allow in limitless trust, undeniable self-worth, & impactful purpose—and in doing so, shift your entire life? Rising into your TRUE purpose and creating waves of impact in the process?

I invite you to respond with a deep and fully embodied,
‘YES!’ Because that vow will change your entire life, right here and right now.

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I now allow myself to expand my soul and life with love, grace, and complete trust. I am now open to understand and know myself on a deeper level than ever before and step fully into this knowing.

my body temple, my expansive heart, my limitless mind,
and my everlasting spirit.
I am awakened, activated, and deeply abundant.
I am grateful.
I am alchemizing NOW.

Aho. And so it is...


For The Woman Who...

Knows she was made for more. She is powerful, knows her worth and is committed to becoming who she is meant to be. 

Is ready to elevate to the next-level in every way imaginable. For herself. Her family. Her ancestral line. 

Is awakened and on her journey, ready to learn more skills and tools for her expansion.

Is courageous enough to dig a little deeper to excavate any pieces of herself that are still hiding in shadow.

Is ready for the impact, income, intimacy, and influence she was born for.