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Welcome to the

Sisterhood Circle

We are the women, the sisterhood, waking up the world. Standing in solidarity as we embody love and call forth the divine feminine within each of us. The feminine that is needed to bring balance back to our world.
 1 LIVE Inspirational/Educational Call -each month Courtney will focus on different topics, either inspirational or educational, to embody your unique expression and purpose
1 LIVE (optional) Community Connection Call - have a themed tea-party with the other women in the space to connect and deepen the work we do together
 1 LIVE (or recorded) Guided Meditation energy cleansing meditation 
1 NEW Yoga Session - including hatha, restorative, yin, intermediate, beginner
 Bonus Integration Practices & Tools - yoga & meditations, Qi-Gong, recipes, articles, and more
Private Community Platform - stay connected, accountable, and supported

What You Get Inside

courtney bohlman and other women in a field

Ready to step into YOUR feminine power?

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What You Get Inside

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 EVERYTHING listed above 
Unlimited Access to ALL courses
-courses include:
Dream Big 
Believe Bigger 
Personal Odyssey of the Self
You are What You Believe
Deep Int
ro into Ayurveda
Practical Steps to Lasting Change
Activate & Accelerate  

 INSTANT Access to Future Courses & Challenges
Courtney Bohlman holding a binder inside the sisterhood circle. She is sitting on the ground outside, grass and trees are behind her.
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✔ You’re seeking sacred community

✔ You’re committed to become who you were born to be

✔ You know that you were made for more

✔ You’re ready to elevate to the next-level in every way imaginable

✔ You’re awakened & on your journey

✔ You’re ready to learn more tools & skills for your expansion

✔ You’re courageous to excavate and heal any parts of yourself still hiding in shadow

✔ You’re heart centered and living from a place of love, overflow, and connection

✔ You refuse to hold back, shrink down, or play small any longer

✔ You’re ready to have, do, and BE, all that you desire

This is for you if...

Take a moment now…


Feel the love within you, feel spirit within you… ask yourself “Is this right for me?”


Take back your power. 

You decide.

The Choice is Yours... Always

women sitting in love next to a tree under a full moon


Sisterhood is when your soul is seen, your truth is heard, your heart is held, and all aspects of yourself are honored and loved.


As women we were never taught to soften into our strength, to open and receive, to flow with life and trust the unfoldment.  We were never taught what it means to be a woman, the divine feminine, on Earth today. 


This is what we do, who we BE inside our sisterhood. 


A true sisterhood circle allows you to share both the light and the dark parts of the journey. All of it is welcome here, but know that as we resonate at a higher frequency we will see it, hold it, and transmute it all; through an open heart. Through LOVE. 

The truth is, sisters in union are the most powerful force on earth.

What is sisterhood?

Why is Sisterhood Important?

We’ve been led down a path of separation, competition, judgment, and comparison…fed the belief that we are on our own. 


When we gather as sisters, we discover this is not true; connection allows us to see that we are in this together.  By coming together we allow you to thrive in ways you never could have on your own.

The Wholesome Alchemy sisterhood circle is unlike anything you have felt or experienced before...


Your tears are caught not judged. You are held not ridiculed. Love is felt and seen. Your voice is honored and heard. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s also okay to be GLORIOUS! 


Here’s to us embracing each other and rising into our greatness, together.

To connect with me, put in your email. I look forward to meeting you!

Courtney Bohlman smiling with the ocean and rocks behind her
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