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The Importance of Community - A Lifelong Harvard Study

With remote jobs on the rise, worldwide travel increasing, and the COVID-19 pandemic the importance of community is being shown more and more. Yet, we do not realize we need it until we are far from it...

As the world continues to change and evolve everyone would benefit from knowing we ALWAYS have a home, we ALWAYS have a place we connect with people, help each other, and live fulfilled lives.

This post is here to highlight a TEDTalk on the importance of community...

Since 1938 researchers tracked the lives of 724 men. Some from teenage years and others from childhood. Lessons from the longest study on happiness by the Harvard Study of Adult Development.

What is community?

If we are estranged from something, it can be difficult to know what that thing actually is. Though according to Waldinger, community is a couple, to a group, of people someone has a strong connection with. A connection where they feel they can depend on them in times of need.

It does not necessarily need to be a ton of people, rather a couple people with a deep connection. Give a spouse, for example, in the study it showed that regardless of arguments the couple had... As long a they both felt the other person would be there for them in times of need they had a healthy, happy, long life.

A community can be your immediate neighborhood, or it can be your network of close friends you have gathered over your lifetime.

Take advice from Waldinger, if you feel you could use some deeper connections then reach out to a family member you have not talked to in a while. What about that friend of yours from a couple years ago?

Why is community important?

Waldinger's lifelong study shows community...

Aids in memory retention

People with community live longer

Community helps to keep people physically healthy

Decreases our risk of disease, and if sickness or injury occurs, that individual still has an elevated mood in comparison to someone who does not have community.

Loneliness is something we all have the potential to feel. Even in a crowd someone can still feel lonely. Loneliness is someone being more isolated from other people more than they would like to be.

The Harvard study showed us that loneliness actually decreases health earlier in midlife, declines brain function sooner, and people who are lonely live shorter lives.

Find your reasons why community is important to you...

Do you feel you want more community, more connection, more depth? Learn more about Wholesome Alchemy's community, we gather at yoga retreats and online on a sisterhood circle.... You are invited!


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