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20 Common Limiting Self Beliefs and How to Change Them

A limiting self belief is a belief that prevents someone from being their best self. Limiting self beliefs are SO easy to latch onto, and can even be more challenging to notice. Though, once we notice them we are able to change them.

Have you noticed limiting self beliefs? Better questions, have you changed them? I can notice limiting self beliefs but the work happens once I actively try to change them. Our minds do not have the power, we do.

When trying to change habits within ourselves it is important that we change it out with something else. Attempting to stop smoking usually does not work for people because the void does not get filled. To successfully change a habit, we must replace it with something else.

For the smoking example, one can replace smoking cigarettes with eating sunflower seeds. The void is satisfied.

Here are some of the more common limiting self beliefs along with a belief that replaces it.

20 Limiting Self Beliefs and their counter beliefs

We all have limiting self beliefs, but it is our power to change them. We can create the life that we want. We just have to put in a little work... Which limiting beliefs resonate with you?


  • I can’t do it

Replace with, “I can do anything I set my mind to.”

  • I don’t have enough money

Replace with, “I live in abundance to live my life freely.”

  • I am not old enough

Replace with, “I have so much time to learn.”

  • I am too old

Replace with, “I am never too old to achieve what I want.”

  • I am not qualified for that job

Replace with, “I have the drive to learn and grow in a new environment.”

  • Someone else could do this better

Replace with, “No one can do this task the way I can.”

  • I don’t have enough time

Replace with, “All I have is time.”

  • I’m not smart enough

Replace with, “I am intelligent, smart, and so capable.”

  • I’m too shy/energetic

Replace with, “My personality is unique and I accept my abilities to be introverted/extroverted.”

  • I shouldn’t do that

Replace with, “I follow my heart. I trust my intuition.”

  • It’s too late for me to…

Replace with, “I now have time to do…”

  • I’m not good enough

Replace with, “I am worthy, I am enough.”

  • I’m too tired

Replace with, “I am going to feel really good after I accomplish this.”

  • I’m not creative enough

Replace with, “I am creative in my own ways.”

  • I’m not strong enough

Replace with, “I am strong. I am capable.”

  • I’ll be stuck here forever

Replace with, “I have the passion to follow my dreams.”

  • No one understands me

Replace with, “I am understood and loved.”

  • I’ll just do it later

Replace with, “No better time than the present. It won’t take forever.”

  • I’ll never get there

Replace with, “With patience and dedication, I will reach my goals.”

  • My life isn’t great, but it works for me

Replace with, “My life is extraordinary and I cherish every moment I get to breathe.”

When we change our belief system…

A few of these you might have resonated with, then the replacement might have felt off. That is normal. These limiting self beliefs hold a chemistry in our bodies. Once we begin to change them, as in repeating new beliefs over and over, we change our chemistry.

Changing the chemistry in our bodies and minds can feel uncomfortable. You may feel resistance or a bit of anger or hurt when you begin to replace limiting self beliefs. That is the invitation to hold steady, you are changing. You got this!


Do you want to live the life of your dreams and never stop expanding?

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