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What is the menstruation moon cycle?

A woman's “moon cycle” equals a woman’s “menstruation cycle”. So then, what is a menstruation moon cycle? Is it the same thing? I have wondered this, too!

A woman’s menstruation moon cycle is the menstruation cycle that aligns with the moon. You might have so many questions, or you know what I’m talking about. Either way, let’s dive into this.

Much like how women have the 12 different archetypes, women’s cycles also align with the moon in three different stages.

  • The Dark Moon

  • The Red Moon

  • The White Moon

The Moon Phases

The Dark Moon

The pre-period stage. Some might call it “PMS”. When a woman might get cramps, get a bit more irritable, and starts to withdraw from others.

This stage is only a “syndrome” because it is not acceptable to slow down, sit with ourselves, and feel. Our culture is masculine heavy that tells us to “go go go” and force through the pain, the struggles. Yet, in this stage, women need to be gentle with themselves more than ever.

When a woman is in her dark moon without the negative side effects it is because she has been honoring herself, her body, to allow the flow of emotions to roll through. This stage can be blissful and beautiful when we listen.

The Red Moon

The period stage, When a woman is actively bleeding, shedding, and cleansing her body. At this point we are feeling heavy, sensitive, and less motivated to go out and socialize.

That is perfectly normal! The Red Moon is an invitation to go within, go a bit deeper with yourself. Take hot baths, write, lay in stillness, and shed tears when necessary.

When we try to fight it, and go socialize, work harder, exercise harder we can actually hurt the cycle. We can get more angry, rigid, unloving, and less compassionate.

Honor our body, and she will gift us great bliss, peace and serenity. Allow our bodies to shed, cleanse, and be.

The White Moon

Ovulation phase. We have done the dark periods, we have shed, cleansed, and gone within. Now, we want to dive back into the world!

Naturally, our bodies want to create. Create life within our bodies, but we also want to engage with the world. That can mean creating a business, taking on that interview, or meeting new friends.

The white moon wants us to grow… We have learned what we needed in the dark phases, now it’s time to implement!

So, menstruation moon cycle?

A menstruation cycle is from the first day of a period, to the day before her next period. This cycle is 28 days…

The moon cycles every 28 days as well….

Yet, women’s cycles are longer since we have the 3-7 days of blood shed, and the moon simply restarts. Though, we are pulled by the moon. Some women start their period on the same day every month, which can be the same phase of the moon at that month.

Yet, all women's bodies are different so it depends on your body.

Take note when you start your period and where the moon is. That is the beginning of getting in touch with the moon, with the natural connection of women and the moon.

If you want guidance on this journey, reach out!


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