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The 12 Female Archetypes to Find More Alignment

Updated: Feb 9

The 12 female archetypes are the different expressions women hold. They get expressed in different areas of our life, and when we learn them and notice we have the capability to strengthen each one to their fullest potential.

Is there a reason why many of the same characters are recurring in myths, folklore, and tales? Psychologist Carl Jung created the archetypal theory. Many cultures have similar symbols and drawing because of the archetypes shared by the whole human race. He believed that archetypes are derived from a collective unconsciousness.

Archetypes can be related to genetics. What environment a female is in, she will live out the corresponding archetype. Archetypes access a deeper realm of self. With that, we must be careful that we do not play out archetypes that do not serve, or are old patterns surfacing.

12 Female Archetypes

The Wild Woman