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The 12 Female Archetypes to Find More Alignment

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The 12 female archetypes are the different expressions women hold. They get expressed in different areas of our life, and when we learn them and notice we have the capability to strengthen each one to their fullest potential.

Is there a reason why many of the same characters are recurring in myths, folklore, and tales? Psychologist Carl Jung created the archetypal theory. Many cultures have similar symbols and drawing because of the archetypes shared by the whole human race. He believed that archetypes are derived from a collective unconsciousness.

Archetypes can be related to genetics. What environment a female is in, she will live out the corresponding archetype. Archetypes access a deeper realm of self. With that, we must be careful that we do not play out archetypes that do not serve, or are old patterns surfacing.

12 Female Archetypes

The Wild Woman

The Healer

The Maiden

The Lover

The Enchantress

The Warrior

The Huntress

The Mother

The Muse

The Wisewoman

The Sage/Scholar

The Mystic

All of these archetypes are within each woman. They can be clearly represented in the correspondence to chakra points.

Archetypes and Chakra Energy Points

Each chakra, or energy point, relates to one or multiple archetypes. So, let’s break it down.


The wild woman & the healer.

The Wild Woman

She is alive with passion, creativity and heightened connection with her inner wisdom. To know the wild woman is to know your soul. Though, she is often shamed and disconnected… She comes when she wants to, she can not be tamed. Though, through shame, she can get suppressed.

When shame is prevalent in the wild woman archetype, she can cause mayhem. She must be expressed, so if she feels she can’t be expressed naturally she will come out and be destructive. Be careful!

The Healer

Given the root chakra is grounding, the healer brings the tribe back to their roots. Since the dawn of time, every culture has a healer. There is always a need for healing. This archetype is also known as the Witch since she is working with the unknown.


The maiden, the lover & the enchantress

The Maiden

The maiden is a symbol of innocence. She is youthful, playful, a “damsel in distress”. The maiden also represents a new chapter with a sense of naivety and innocence. She lacks life experience and has many lessons to learn!

Unleash your creative energy and embody the maiden.

The Lover

As you might have guessed, she is connected to sexuality, and sensuality. She radiates magnetic energy. Her aura is red and powerful. The lover encourages us to live a blissful life filled with things that turn us on! She also invites us to express pleasure and pain.

When the lover is suppressed, or unable to be expressed, she can become controlling, create drama of a lower frequency or even use her feminine power to manipulate.

The Enchantress

She connects women to deep deep feminine wisdom and magic. She likes to come out in the autumn and at night. Many people call her “other worldly” because she harnesses a darker energy with enchantment to create an intriguing energy.

She does not tolerate any BS and lives in her power and bravery. When suppressed, she can be insecure, jealous, and finds it difficult to trust her intuition.


The warrior & the huntress

The Warrior

The warrior is independent. Her primary goal is to achieve freedom and sovereignty. She is her own protector who relies on no one else but herself and a natural protector of other women. She is very goal oriented and self assured.

She is the energy that lives in the forest, or amongst nature, on her own, fighting for what she believes in.

Yet, her shadow when she is unable to express herself is emotionally unavailable, pushes people away, resentful towards other women, and chooses conflict.

The Huntress

The huntress is the energy to reclaim your independence, power and your passionate warrior spirit. She displays masculine behavior in order to help support someone in need. She is a risk taker! Girl power energy! She governs our relationship with power…

Though she seeks adventure and action, part of her longs to settle down in the future.


The mother/ the caregiver

The Mother

This might be obvious… The mother is the nurturer. She has a deep desire to nourish. Her spirit is abundant and deeply connected with nature and the natural cycles of the earth.

The mother can mean children, but it can also mean creating something and nourishing it. Like a business or creative project, allowing it to blossom. Be careful with the mother's energy, she can become very depleted by over giving and lose her sense of self worth…


The muse

The Muse

The muse is the creative voice of the soul. Think of “amusement”, the muse’s energy is to create amusement. When a woman is in touch with her muse archetype then a huge focus of their life is creativity and art.

She is most energetic in the spring and summer months. Though, if you try to capture her, she will disappear…

Her shadow, when suppressed, is a loud inner critic. She has a hard time expressing and creating because she doesn't think it’s ever good enough. Oftentimes, the muse in shadow has a lack of follow through. She has a hard time focusing on one project, and she gets scatterbrained.


The wisewoman & the sage/scholar

The Wisewoman

She symbolizes ultimate maturity and life experience. Also a symbol of loss, where she has gained her wisdom. She communicates with nature and spirit. Her gifts are intuition, insight, vision, and imagination.

The wisewoman teaches us to trust our inner knowing and follow guidance of our deepest truths.

The Sage/Scholar

She is driven by the pursuit of knowledge and proximity to power. She is equally at home in masculine and feminine sides. Powerful women are not acting like men, she’s embodying her femininity. That is the energy of the scholar.

Her skills are strategy, discipline, and objectivity. To embrace the sage, we can continue to learn. Read something that’s interesting!


The mystic

The Mystic

The mystic connects us to higher consciousness. Her gifts include peace, transcendence, and enlightenment. The mystic seeks spiritual connection. She knows how to meditate (to sit and listen).

When the mystic is unexpressed, she can struggle to demonstrate and speak to her feelings. May become a prisoner inside her own body.

Embodying Our Archetypes

Our 12 female archetypes can be a great tool to utilize when we feel like something inside of us can be expressed more or better. Every female has each of these archetypes. Some may be in shadow, or some might be in the light.

Which did you resonate with and which did you not resonate with? If some archetypes are in shadow, that is ok! It’s the awareness that aids us in becoming a better representation of ourselves.

To learn how to embody these archetypes, we must think like the sage, or the muse, or the wild woman. What would best suit you to open up your creative side, wild side, etc?


Do you want to dive deeper into these archetypes?


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