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Types of Self Discipline to Accomplish Your Vision

First of all, self discipline is a practice. We can fall out of these practices, though, if we have a vision we will most likely always come back to our discipline. These types of self discipline will help you better understand how to integrate the mindset into your life.

Personally, I’ve worked on self discipline for a while. I found, the more I practice self discipline the easier it can become to implement (even when you reallllyyy don't want to!). To create the life we desire, we must be willing to implement different types of self discipline.

Self discipline can look different for everyone. Take some time to see your vision and embody your vision in order to become it.

The types of self discipline are reactive discipline, active discipline, and preventative discipline.

Types of Self Discipline

Reactive discipline

Reactive discipline teaches us to take each situation as an opportunity for growth. Say you come across a situation that is less than ideal, you miss your plane flight or traffic makes you late to an interview. Instead of getting upset, you find the opportunity for expansion and growth.

You end up realizing that missing your plane flight allowed you to meet someone new at the airport lounge. And by missing your interview you actually found a new and better opportunity.

Yet, you would not have seen these little blessings without the self discipline to shift your mindset and react to the situation in a state of growth.

Here are some practical steps to creating lasting change. Using our minds to work in our favor instead of against us. We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we react. Are you going to react positively to aid in reaching your vision? Or do you allow bothersome situations to dictate your life?

Active discipline

Active discipline is what we all think about when we think about “self discipline”. That is our early alarm, salads for lunch, no dessert, exercise, etc. It is what we are actively doing on a daily basis to better ourselves.

Some examples of active discipline:
  • Establish a morning routine

  • Eat a balanced diet (or what works for you)

  • Practice self control (in drinking, food, socializing, etc.)

  • Set the table before dinner

  • Make your bed every morning

  • Keep clothes off the floor

  • Exercise

As these little practices get integrated in your life, it will be easier to step forward into your life, into your vision. The person you are becoming has a clean house, makes their bed, and has a morning routine. You got this!

Preventative discipline

Preventative discipline understands where you are going and sets you up for success. You picked up more work at your job, so you created a to-do list. You are stepping more into who you are, your vision, so you plan accordingly.

Being proactive can look different everyday. You see there is a storm coming, so you bring an umbrella to work, things like that. Here is a visualization exercise to help aid you in knowing where you are going, so you can plan and be prepared!

Self discipline can be challenging. It definitely is not an easy feat. Though, with practice and patience we can create the reality we deeply desire and deserve.


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