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Visualization Exercise to Live the Life of Your Dreams

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Visualization. If you have not heard of it, here it is: a visualization exercise is a potent practice to manifest your desires. I know you must be thinking, whats the catch? Well... arguably the hardest thing, and the catch, is one must EMBODY the desire...

Here is a guide on a visualization exercise, how to embody the vision you seek. Live the life you DESERVE.

1. What do you want?

A key to a visualization exercise is getting clear on what is it you want, what you desire. Is it a relationship? A new house? An experience? Get specific and crystal clear.

If you cant seem to get crystal clear, take a moment and write it down. Pen to paper scribbling ideas and thoughts until you KNOW what you want.

Watch this video to help you too...

2. Sit down & breathe

Find a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Sit down or lay down. Take three big deep breaths... Then close your eyes.

3. Again, what do you want?

Repeat to yourself what you want to manifest from this visualization exercise.

4. See it happening

Crucial! If you desire a house, what does it look like? What colors are on the house? Where is it? Does it have windows? How many? Be specific!!

See yourself walking inside, touching things, etc. If it helps, talk it out loud like you are telling your best friend.

If you have a hard time seeing it, come back to the breath and begin again. This is a practice, and just with anything, practice breeds progress. You got this.

5. Embody it!

You must feel it to believe it. How would it FEEL if you were to get what you want?? Powerful, relieving, enchanting, exciting?? Allow that sensation to rush through your blood. FEEL into this as deeply and as powerfully as possible.

Feel it now, but know you can always return to this embodiment to deepen the visualization exercise. Whether driving, or cooking a meal, you can embody your desire!

The more you embody it the quicker it will become yours.

6. Write it down

Writing your visualization will deepen the embodiment. As you write it down FEEL into it and be specific. The practice of writing alone is so powerful.

Expand as much as possible on what you visualized!

7. Repeat this everyday

Op, here is the other catch! Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. You are not only training your mind with this practice, you are also training your energy field.

Keeping your energy field strong and abundant with what you want to bring into your life is key. We are the creators of our reality, what are you creating?

Ok, so the take aways...

A visualization exercise can be a super potent tool to support you in your life. It is the Law of Attraction. We attract the energy we put out and the more we put out the energy we wish to receive, the more our lives will become in alignment with our desires, wants, and needs.

Do you feel you want to expand on this more? To have a guide help you? Connect with our founder, Courtney, to set up a discovery call!

We all deserve to live the life we want... Not the life we are told... Are you ready to become the person you re meant to be?

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