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3 Types of Spiritual Meditation for Deeper Connection

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Meditation can look different in so many ways, walking meditations, breathwork, silent meditations, etc. Different types of spiritual meditation have potential to deepen our connection with ourselves, with our light within.

Wholesome Alchemy teaches various types of meditation at our retreats, and I will share some of them with you! Each of these is a practice, obviously. If you are really intrigued, you can find the closest meditation center near you.

Types of Spiritual Meditations -

Metta meditation

Zen meditation

Silent meditation

Metta meditation: Love

Metta meditation's focus is self-love, and expanding love beyond yourself. Usually in metta meditation it is practiced to show self love so sitting comfortably, or lying down if that feels better, etc.

Create a list of who you want to send love to… Yourself is number one, maybe your parents, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

Once you find a comfortable position. Take deep breaths to center yourself and arrive in your space. Continue breathing this entire meditation journey.

What is a mantra that would serve you in your self-love practice? We all hold limiting self beliefs, so what is a phrase that builds you up? Check out a list here.

On each inhale, inhale deeply, and exhale, repeat the mantra either to yourself quietly or in your head. Continue this practice for 5 minutes. Option to stay within yourself for 10-15 minutes, or to move onto spreading the appreciation outwards.

The idea here is to cultivate love for yourself, and then holding in that space, give it to others.

Once you cultivate the love within yourself, then move onto your neighbors. Repeating a mantra, “I hope they are safe, I hope they are well, I hope they find peace.” Continue this phrase for a few minutes.

Then, move onto your family, friends, co-workers, whoever is on your list. An important note, end the meditation on yourself! Come back to self and re-embody that self love, gratitude and appreciation for yourself before gently opening your eyes.

Zen meditation: Focus

Zen meditation’s focus is focus. The posture and the way one holds space can be intense. The practice of Zen meditation is rooted in Buddhism and practiced to observe and let go of thoughts and feelings that arise in the body and mind.

Once in a seated position, maybe a block under your hips. Hold your hands in a dhyan mudra in front of your belly. Shoulders roll down the spine, and gaze comes forward. Deep inhales and exhales.

In Zen meditation, it is practiced to keep your gaze at a diagonal spot on the floor in front of you. Then, gently allow your eyelids to soften, but not closing the eyes. Here is the posture.

In Zen, we focus on the breath. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe and observe. The practice of zen brings in the roots of meditation. When practiced we can begin to dissolve ourselves from our emotions and thoughts. Thus, being connected deeper to our spirit. This type of spiritual meditation is deep.

Silent Meditation: Silence

Silent meditation is popular within retreats and people beginning to meditate. Silent meditation’s focus is silence. One will sit down in a quiet space, with little to no distractions, and just begin to breathe.

Just as in the Metta meditation, taking a moment to really arrive. Breathing deeply, exhaling deeply. Get comfortable in your space for a moment, that is really important.

Then begin to focus on your breath. Feel the sensations in your body as your belly fills with air, and as you exhale the weight of your body comes closer to Mother Earth. Breathe into this, the sensations of the moment.

When you notice your mind start to wonder, gently bring it back to the breath.

Love, Focus, and Silence

With love, focus, and silence we can connect deeper to our spirits, our love, our light, and come closer to our spiritual guidance within.

We can only give as much love as we have within us, the love we have for ourselves. That practice alone can take deep focus. When we come into a state of focus, we have silenced our minds (to an extent) to be able to tap in. Tap into our guidance, our spirit.

In silence is where we can find ourselves, our soul. Alone time is important for spiritual growth. I hope you find some time for yourself… We offer yoga retreats that teach exactly this in person. These types of spiritual meditations, and more :)


Are you ready to dive deeper into your spiritual practice?


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