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Unlocking the Sacred Sexuality Meaning

Our sacred sexuality meaning is a potent topic! Especially for women. We all desire that deep connection with another person, the “soul tie”. Finding our “soul mate” relates to the sacred sexuality meaning…

With porn culture, women especially, can hold ideas of what “sex” is or what it “should be” for the man counterpart. Completely ignoring the needs of the woman and not allowing the space for her to shine in her sacred sexuality.

Let’s look into what sacred sexuality even is.

What is sacred sexuality?

Sacred sexuality is the idea that our sex life, the sexual energy inside each of us, is sacred. To be sacred is to hold that power in a safe space.

Regarding sexuality, a safe place means with someone you trust or to trust yourself enough to allow this part of you to show itself. When we can meditate while we are engaging in a sexual act, we can stay in our bodies and fully feel the experience.

Once we let go of focusing on the body, our mind wanders and begins to think “is this good enough? What’s for dinner? Shoot, I forgot to water my plants…” Our mind takes over. When that happens, the sacred has been lost.

Sacred sexuality meaning is to make love with your partner or to yourself without any expectations. Only with the intention to open. To breathe.

How to tap into your sacred sexuality

Sometimes this can sound foreign to some. To awaken this part of ourselves is one of the most empowering acts, yet can bring up its own difficulties.

Here is a list that you can start to awaken to your sexuality.

  • Dance! Turn on Yaima, and begin to feel the music in your body. Moving slowly at first and once you begin to move naturally with the music allow yourself to let loose.

  • Admire yourself in the mirror. Take a few moments to look at yourself in the mirror and find the beauty! Look at your shoulder and touch it with your hand. What does it feel like? Begin to move your hand over different parts of your body feeling the sensation of touch.

  • If you have a partner, sit on top of them and connect your breaths together. Turn on soft music, light a candle, and breathe together for a few moments.

  • Put on clothes that make you feel sexy! Maybe even pair some jewelry and cute shoes. Begin to embody your beauty, your unique expression.

  • Do yoga! When we move our body we are moving the energy within it and allowing it to flow more freely. Unlock your sexual energy by moving.

It is a practice to tap into your natural sexual rhythm. But, when you start to introduce these practices in your days, you will begin to notice the smell of flowers, the natural beauty that surrounds you, and feeling into your body when you get turned on or feel a spark.

When we feel a spark it is important to breathe into it. Allow it to grow, or dissipate, whatever happens is okay. Awareness is the first step!

What to do when its challenging to tap into

Like I said, it can be challenging to really tap into your sexual rhythm the way you want to, or desire to.

When it’s challenging, come back to the breath and just notice your body. Without judgment. Without expectations. Maybe revisit it the following day or two.

Be gentle with yourself as you begin to embark on this journey. It is really important to go slow and enjoy the process.


Begin to live in the present moment to tap into your sexuality...

Are you interested to dive deeper into your sexuality? To be guided to your inner Truth?


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