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Women and the Moon - How to Utilize Your Cycle to Achieve More Bliss

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

These days women and the moon have found themselves in a separated relationship. Yet, women have a natural rhythm that is connected to the moon…

In my journey being a woman I was not taught how to utilize my menstrual cycle to better my life, relationships, and my career. Hell, I didn’t even get taught how to handle my cycle! I was taught to throw birth control at it and use tampons to hide the evidence (yet it is pretty hard to completely ignore). Can you relate?

This post is all about women and the moon, menstrual phases, and how to utilize our cycle to achieve our goals, elevate our lives, and live in deeper bliss.

Recently I took the Activated Alchemist course where we dive into this realm (and SO much more). I am now more in tune with my cycle and the moon. Instead of my cycle being a painful burden, my cycle is my power. I experience pure bliss when I listen and honor it. I am inviting you to do the same.