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Women and the Moon - How to Utilize Your Cycle to Achieve More Bliss

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

These days women and the moon have found themselves in a separated relationship. Yet, women have a natural rhythm that is connected to the moon…

In my journey being a woman I was not taught how to utilize my menstrual cycle to better my life, relationships, and my career. Hell, I didn’t even get taught how to handle my cycle! I was taught to throw birth control at it and use tampons to hide the evidence (yet it is pretty hard to completely ignore). Can you relate?

This post is all about women and the moon, menstrual phases, and how to utilize our cycle to achieve our goals, elevate our lives, and live in deeper bliss.

Recently I took the Activated Alchemist course where we dive into this realm (and SO much more). I am now more in tune with my cycle and the moon. Instead of my cycle being a painful burden, my cycle is my power. I experience pure bliss when I listen and honor it. I am inviting you to do the same.

Do you get painful cramps, or get cranky? Maybe you even place a label on it as a “syndrome”, PMS? This so-called “syndrome” is merely a lack of connection with the moon and our cycle (even calling it a syndrome is creating further separation). Our bodies are divine and intelligent, we must listen when it speaks.

Women and the Moon - The 3 Phases

  • Women of the Dark Moon before we bleed

  • Women of the Red Moon during blood shed

  • Women of the White Moon during ovulation

Women of the Dark Moon

The Dark Moon is a calling to go within, hormones surge and they sit heavy in our cells, causing women to sometimes feel heavy, lazy, and maybe grumpy. Here is the invitation to go within. Feel into the lazy, feel into the heavy.

Ignoring this heaviness is agitating our bodies and mind. What does it look like to ignore introspection? We continue to go go go. We continue to ignore the feminine, and try to work in the masculine: work extremely hard, exercise, go out with friends, make big business/career decisions, etc. The agitation that is created can be manifested as cramps, headaches, irritability, etc. Known as PMS...

To utilize this phase, and STOP feeling "PMS", The Dark Moon is time for relaxing baths, journaling, yoga, etc. During the slower activities of the day, feel into the introspection. Take this time slowly and feel the weight of the body & mind. There is wisdom to be heard here!

It is unrealistic to think women during our cycle can ignore daily life and tasks. That is not being asked here. What is being asked is to give yourself some space. Space to slow down, to journal, to do yoga, to listen to music in a hot bath etc. Then, returning to the fast paced, masculine-dominant culture we will find ease, grace, even bliss.

In the Dark Moon, the feminine wants to be heard, She wants to help you to shed, learn, and grow. Here are some questions you can journal about in this phase:

  • I am preparing to cleanse, what am I ready to let go of?

  • What am I ready to shed?

Women of the Red Moon

I’m sure you could guess, the Red Moon is our menstrual phase. The blood shed, the cleansing process. We can tend to feel vulnerable and sensitive since our feminine energy is at its peak. The crave to be held, heard, and tenderly cared for is extremely high. We are being called back to the womb, the Mother.

The masculine is essentially gone so it can be difficult to find words, to problem solve, to think logically, and to interact outwardly. We can find expression through songs, art, colors, vibrations, emotions, anything other than the written and spoken word.

Some women don’t look forward to the blood shed. Women are not taught how to utilize this space for growth, so it can feel annoying, heavy, and useless. I am here to say, it is NOT useless. This is our power, women and the moon.

The rise in feminine energy is the time when our intuition is at its peak! Logical thinking is essentially gone, and it is time to listen, to sense, to feel, and tap into this sacred wisdom. To utilize this phase, now is the time to take 1-2 days off and embark on some self care. Take hot baths, journal, meditate, light incense, listen to music, sit in the darkness, cry (yes cry!) , any practice that helps you express yourself in the feminine.

Here are some journaling questions to help in this phase:

  • What am I shedding?

  • What am I letting go of?

  • What new things/new ways of life am I inviting this next month?

Take this slowly and be patient, stick with easy chores - laundry, dishes, cooking meals, etc. Our hormones are full in our cells and we can feel bogged down and heavy. Take it easy!

Women of the White Moon

Okay, phew! We have been through the darkness and sat with what we are shedding, now it is time to reconnect with the world again! We are cleansed and reborn.

Our hormones leave our cells so we have energy. Our ovaries are shimmering and excited for pleasure. By nature, we are ready for procreation. Our sexual energy is heightened, thus we are more creative and energetic ready to take on the world!

During this phase, I imagine a woman so bright and lu

minous, dressed to the nines, strutting through town on a mission to get that job, meet that sexy man for coffee, or about to make a huge business deal. Everyone is entranced by her gate and mesmerized by her beauty. She is limitless.

“A women mid-cycle is a woman with the potential to light up the world”

- Courtney Bohlman

To utilize this phase, now is the time to do vigorous exercise, go on that date, nail that interview, make big career/business decisions, move, flow, dance, CREATE!

Through redirecting our energy, we discover that the inner masculine (the part that is clear, directed, focused and connected to the outside world) is ready to expand to the next level.

The Moon Cycle is a precious natural rhythm (from the introspection of pre menstruation, to the quiet shedding time, to emerging and engaging outwardly again) that when tapped into women have the potential to impact their lives and ultimately the world. This natural rhythm has been suppressed by our masculine-dominant culture. Yet, we have a special gift. You are women of the moon, you are empowered and unstoppable.


Do you feel disconnected from your cycle? Or, you want to go deeper?

Check out the Activated Alchemist course, a container where women learn the freedom to express authentically and connect back to divine femininity in a masculine-dominant culture.

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