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Tips for Listening to Your Intuition vs Gut Feeling

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Have you been wondering if there is a difference between intuition vs gut feeling? Maybe you are aware of signs that the world is providing for you, yet is that the same as a gut feeling? Not all languages are spoken nor written, so it is important to learn the various languages of our mind, body, and spirit.

This post is all about intuition vs gut feeling and the tips to decipher between the two to strengthen your natural guiding force within.

I have learned the ways in which my body and my spirit attempt to communicate with me. (One way is through listening to my cycle) It has proven to be a powerful way to support me on my journey, ensuring I am doing great or if something needs to change. When I have listened, amazing things have blossomed.

When I ignored it, later on I realized what and why my guiding system was telling me… Can you relate? Read on to learn intuition vs gut feeling.

“The universe conspires to reveal truth and to make your path easy if you have the courage to follow the signs." -Lisa Unger


Intuition is the guiding force within us that everyone is born with. The intuition attempts to show you signs that guide you towards your higher self.

Do you have that one friend that can make decisions without any logical reasoning? Maybe their personal decisions might seem crazy to an outsider, yet end up working out? That is the intuition. Intuition has no real logical reasoning or strategy. It is the deep knowing within. Those who experience a deep connection with their intuition do not need logical reasoning (though logical reasoning is still very important!).

Sometimes following intuition is challenging because the logical reasoning is essentially gone, allowing fear to creep in and trust to disappear.

The Activated Alchemist course dives deep into intuition (& more) to help you be confident and empowered in your life, and decipher between intuition vs gut feeling.

Tips on How to Listen to Your Intuition

  • Notice recurring thoughts

Is something stuck in your head? An old memory resurfacing? Or a song lyric on repeat? We have ALL experienced this. You keep getting that nudge to go on that trip, or buy that one thing, yet logical reasoning or money is getting in the way? What happens when you do it...

  • Have you noticed something out of the blue?

Everything you notice is more meaningful than you think…

  • Are repeating numbers constantly showing up in your day?

You wake up at 5:55am, have a call that lasts 5 min 55 seconds, etc? These numbers possess meaning… Dive deeper into angel numbers.

Gut Feeling

The intelligence of the unconscious. The gut feeling is the embodiment of your intuition, a physical manifestation. As the intuition does not always manifest as physical, the gut feelings do.

In a biological perspective, the gut and the brain are physically connected through the vagus nerve. Through the vagus nerve the brain can talk to the gut and vice versa. Harvard Health highlights, “a person’s stomach or intestinal distress can be the cause or the product of anxiety, stress, or depression.”

Are gut feelings always bad? Do they always have the answer? They can be good and don’t always have the answer. But, they can be a helpful guide. Listen to your body and be curious in what it is trying to tell you! Everyone is different and it is important to honor that.

How to tell if you are having a gut feeling

Usually, a gut feeling is felt there.. In the gut! It can be manifested as butterflies when you are around your crush, or as a heavy weight if you are in danger. Even noticing your gut feelings around certain people and in certain situations can guide you.

Here are some things your gut feeling might be telling you...

  • You should take the risk that you have been thinking about!

  • You are in some sort of danger.

  • The opposite, you are very safe and comfortable.

Much like intuition, there can be no real logical reasoning behind the sensations you receive, but to stay curious and experiment can lead you to understanding your body and deciphering your intuition vs gut feeling.

As your spirituality gets deeper, you will be able to understand when a gut feelings is to followed and trusted. It takes practice and experimentation to fully understand, just like intuition! Once we can understand our intuition vs gut feeling, we are more powerful and empowered to live our dreams and make an impact.


Join us on our next retreat to expand this realm and embody YOUR unique guiding force within....

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Check out the Activated Alchemist course, a container where women learn the freedom to express authentically and connect back to our sacred unique guiding system within.

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