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What is a Self Limiting Belief?

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Okay, wow! Here at Wholesome Alchemy, we LOVE working with self beliefs. We know that we are what we believe… we create our realities.

A limiting self belief is our belief system we carry around with us that is our unique perception of reality.

However, that can be our power AND our demise. Our beliefs can either help us or hurt us…

Do you want to break barriers within yourself? Do you want to achieve more, be more, love more? So what is stopping you… Your self limiting beliefs.

Deep down inside you know what you want, yet why haven’t you done it? Deep down inside you know the life you want to live, yet you aren’t living it. What’s stopping you? Your self limiting beliefs.

I have worked hard on my limiting self beliefs inside the Activated Alchemist container, and I continue to work with them. Daily.

It is a life-long practice and it is challenging. To break deeply held beliefs, ones you might have had your WHOLE life, takes time. Though, the result is worth it.

It can be challenging to move through. Especially when our bodies and mind are rejecting the new belief...

We know this can be hard, so here is a course that guides you through your beliefs in a gentle and potent way... You are not meant to do this work alone.

What is an example of a self-limiting belief?

A self limiting belief is any belief that we hold that is making us feel small. A belief that diminishes our worth. Here are some examples:

  • I can’t do it

  • I’m not enough

  • That?! I could never do that

  • I don’t have enough money.

  • I am worthless.

  • I am not smart enough

  • I will never be able to achieve that.

You get the point...

How do self limiting beliefs work

A self limiting belief is part of the belief system that you live your life. They can be adopted through religion, family, environment, or the like.

Maybe someone has told you over and over in your life that you are not smart. Then, you adopted that belief that you are not smart. That becomes the inner dialogue you have with yourself, constantly telling yourself “I am not smart enough.”

Think about how many beliefs we all carry… SO many!! These end up forming our reality or our perception of our reality: Our belief system.

However, self limiting beliefs are those that diminish our potential, stop us from chasing our dreams, and overall make us feel small.

How do you identify a limiting belief

So, you understand what a self limiting belief is, but having a hard time identifying it in your life?

Here is when a visualization exercise is a useful tool. Dream up the life you deeply desire. During that process, what is stopping you? Do you believe that you deserve it? Do you believe you are smart and powerful enough to get yourself there?

Another tool is to write down what you believe to be true about yourself. Be honest and dig deep. That is really the way we can identify self limiting beliefs.

Once you start to gain awareness of your belief system, it will be much easier to identify those limiting beliefs. It takes time. Be patient and gentle with yourself.

Then what….

How to overcome a self limiting belief

Notice the self limiting belief, change it to something empowering, and repeat repeat repeat.

Here is when the work begins. To overcome a self limiting belief we must notice what it is and change it for a new belief. This can be challenging at first. To go against a sometimes deeply held belief can cause some real changes in our lives and in our bodies.

To continue the example, you hold a belief that you are not smart enough. To overcome that belief you must adopt the belief that you are smart.

Write this affirmation down everyday in your journal or repeat to yourself everyday, “I am smart” until it is your truth. When you find yourself telling yourself, “ugh you aren’t smart enough to do that..” Take a breath and repeat… “no, I am smart enough. I can do it because I am smart.”

Notice it. Change it. Repeat it over and over and over again. That is the KEY.

What is a self limiting belief?

Limiting self beliefs entrap us into the “box”. The ”box” of what we should be doing, could be doing, and should NOT be doing. Instead of living our lives to the fullest, chasing our dreams, and living extraordinary lives.

The inner critic, the negative voice in our head that likes to keep us small.

These types of thoughts are what keep us inside the victim mindset or keep us living the average life. Many of us are aware of these thoughts and work with them weekly if not daily. Have you noticed them?


Do you want to dive deep into your belief system and be guided towards empowering, badass beliefs? Do you want to live an empowered fulfilling life? You ARE ready, you ARE a badass... Take the step...

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