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9 Powerful Ways to Balance the Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Everyone has, and expresses, feminine energy and masculine energy. Feminine (not female) and masculine (not male)... We all have both!

The masculine energy is the doing and feminine energy is being. Can you relate to being judged by your achievements? How many degrees do you have, how much money do you make, etc? We have been judged by our achievements (the doing), and now we are being recognized by who we are (the being)...

Finding the Balance

This can be challenging since our culture judges by achievements... "How dare she be successful for just being her..."

We are often told we are too much, not enough, too loud, or too quiet. When this happens we have the opportunity to drop into our masculine. Here we feel protected and safe, survival mode.

The feminine is our thriving state. This is the learning to unplug from the survival state (the masculine).

Powerful Differences Between Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy

1. Linear vs circular (expansive)

The masculine energy says you have to go to college, then find a partner and get married, then have kids, then do this, then do this, then do this... But, you can't have a baby before your married and you can't get a house before you're married.

It is the linear mindset, the order in which you have to do everything in your life.

The feminine energy is circular and expansive. It says one can do one thing while also doing the other, and if it feels right you can also do this.

There is no necessary steps... The feminine is moving, it is creation, it is always expanding.

2. Penetrative vs. Receptive (Attractive)

Masculine energy is penetrative, it is the forceful energy and the pushing energy. For example, someone strong in masculine energy wants to put themselves into your life, into your experiences almost in a forceful manner.

In contrast, the feminine energy is receptive, it attracts. It is the energy of being and expressing. In those moments of being and expression, all that you desire and all the things you want are going to be attracted, and then you can receive them.

Neither is right nor wrong, they are both necessary! Masculine parts are important, and the feminine parts are important. Yet, we have been living in the masculine, in survival, so this is when the balance comes in...

3. Time vs. Alignment

Masculine is about time. It says in one month from now I am going to make $10,000 and then a bit more and in three years I will have enough to buy a house.

The feminine energy is about alignment. It says, when I have become this person I want to be, then these experiences will be mine. When I am in alignment with who I am, what I need will be provided.

4. Proving vs. Accepting

The masculine is about proving, about showing your worth. It says, you need to listen to me because I have studied this a lot, I have experienced this a lot. I have done this so I am worthy.

The feminine energy says, you are perfect just the way you are, everything is beautiful and all of this is acceptable. There is no proving who you are.

5. Compartments vs. Overflow

The masculine is about compartments. It says, when I make $20,000 dollars, then I can donate $2,000 to this charity. When one part of me if fulfilled, then I can shift into this part of me.

Also says, I need to do this much in my physical realm, this much in my emotional realm, this much in my spiritual realm, etc.

The feminine energy, though, lives in overflow: a state of complete abundance. The feminine energy says, why wait to donate to charity? You already live in abundance!

6. Force vs. Flow

The masculine is the forceful energy, much like penetrative, but it is beyond that. It is dedication. No matter what that thing will get done. Even if every door is shut , and there is no way... the masculine energy will create a way!

The feminine is flowing. If doors are shut, if the opportunity is no longer available, I'll flow to this opportunity and accept it is the right thing for me.

7. Giving vs. Receiving

The masculine is the giving, the provider, the creator in the world. While the feminine is the receiving, the motherly space when someone needs to be held or heard, the feminine energy will receive that person as they are (and accept as they are!).

8. Others important vs. Your Importance

Someone strong in their masculine energy will put others importance over their own. It says, I will help this person do this THEN I can do the things for myself. I want everyone around me happy before I take care of myself.

We can see this in our world. People struggle with self-care because they are constantly putting people other people before themselves.

Yet, the feminine understands your importance, the feminine says, me first. I will get good sleep, feed myself, exercise, etc so I can show up and be able to give and serve in my world.

9. Surviving vs. Thriving

The masculine energy is the energy of surviving, protecting, and being competitive for survival and protection.

The feminine is the energy of thriving, of abundance. Where I am right now is perfect, my life is beautiful... I don't need to be worrying and thinking about everything to come. I am at peace and I am thriving.

BOTH are so so important!

Let's take a look at being and doing. The feminine energy and masculine energy. Often when people awaken into the spiritual path, they completely shift into the energy of being into the feminine.

For example, someone steps on the spiritual path and they sit in meditation and just be. They just be who they are and envision. They envision what they are going to do in the world and what they want to become.

But! If the masculine is not practiced, they don't go out and take practical physical steps to become who they want to become... nothing is going to happen.

Both are so so important! Yogis in India and Nepal have chosen the life of bliss and enlightenment and dedicated their lives to the practice. They have succeeded in the feminine.

Then, in the USA we have multi-millionaires who have yachts, multi houses, and a huge booming business, yet they are are not happy. They have succeeded in the masculine.


At Wholesome Alchemy we believe in balance, in making your unique impact. We use the tools of being, receiving, accepting, and alignment to then step into the masculine and make a real impact in this world. YOUR impact...


Do you feel disconnected from your feminine energy and masculine energy? Or, you want to go deeper?

Check out the Activated Alchemist course, a container where women learn the freedom to express authentically and connect back to divine femininity in a masculine-dominant culture.

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