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Importance of the Menstrual Cycle

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Okay, we have talked about this already… But, it is just THAT important! The importance of the menstrual cycle goes beyond what we learn in our world. It is important to reiterate the menstrual cycle and how uncovering it can unleash our potential.

After working with Wholesome Alchemy, I am able to nail down the specific phases of my cycle. Then, my daily decisions are based on where my body is in the cycle. I live in more bliss, with ease, and I communicate with the divine feminine within. The importance of the menstrual cycle has changed my life!

Why it is important to listen to our bodies

When women cycle, it is best to honor our body and do what it says. If it says to not go out and sit in a hot bath, then we listen. Yet, in this world we have been taught to “shut it up” by using birth control that stops periods, shoving cotton up there to hide evidence, etc.

But, sounds annoying to have to listen to our bodies, right? It would be great to do whatever we want when we want. Without the “disturbance” of our menstrual cycle. However, there is no sacredness, or beauty, in dis-honoring our bodies.

And, well, it is more annoying to me when I am trying to engage in a social event and my menstrual cramps are having me bend over in pain. Then, leaving me trying to breath between the cramps as I try to listen or respond… Yuck!

What if we waited for the social event when it aligns with our natural cycle? Then, we can glow, shine, and express our BEST selves.

And even if you don’t feel your cycle, it is still a part of you. You are a woman! And maybe, that is a message to start listening… The importance of the menstrual cycle is in the quiet messages.

Explore more here, a guide through the beauty of being a woman.

What listening to our bodies can tell us

When we listen to our bodies, we can learn not only about our physical being. But also our emotional, mental and spiritual parts too. Women have a special gift that deserves to be honored and cherished.

Before menstruation

Women go through a process called “pre-menstruation”. (Some have labeled this a syndrome… Yet, there is nothing wrong or unnatural about this process). During this time women can feel a bit bogged down and slower.

Our hormones are actually moving at higher concentrations, making us feel slow. This is time to slow down and reflect. Listen to your body and you will feel less resistance (ie cramps, mood swings, fatigue, etc). You might even come across a new insight…

During menstruation

When the real feminine time begins. We are very very slow. Hormones are surging and we don’t really have much to say. Our logic is completely out the window! Time to retreat within and spend time with yourself. Insights, poems, songs, ideas can be born in this phase. This is the most potent phase to connect with the feminine.

After menstruation

The fun part! We have cleansed and retreated within to learn what is it to shed, and now we are ready to interact with the world again. We want to create, procreate, go out, see people, enjoy the beauty of all that is outside in the world! Be free!

Check out Women and the Moon for a deeper dive into these cycles.

Living in harmony with your cycle

If this process is not very potent for you, that is OK. The more you connect with your cycle and your body, the more you will learn and begin to integrate it in your life. The importance of the menstrual cycle you find will be different than other women.

Once you begin to integrate the importance of your cycle into your life, you will see balance, harmony, and patterns.

“A woman's body is sacred, beautiful,

and full of natural gifts when we allow her to show us.”

Be gentle with yourself, your body, your mind, and spirit as you journey into the feminine. It has potential to light up your world, but take it in stride. Reach out for support, you don't have to do this alone.

To explore diving into this realm with a guide, connect with our lead alchemist. You can uncover the importance of YOUR menstrual cycle (and more!).


Do you feel disconnected from your cycle? Or, you want to go deeper?

Check out the Activated Alchemist course, a container where women learn the freedom to express authentically and connect back to divine feminine in a masculine-dominant culture.

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