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Mind Body Soul Connection to Achieve More Bliss

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Now that the New Year is here, the wild ride of Christmas is over, it is time for us to settle back into our lives. This year is the year for mind body soul connection.

We can optimize our mind body soul connection to decompress and settle into the New Year. In Wholesome Alchemy we put in the work to keep the connection with mind, body and soul. It is a practice, but consistency is key and the results are worth it!

Connecting with the Mind

Our minds can cause strife within our lives, am I right? We desire this and that, we heal ourselves, we attempt to stay present, and be the best person we can be. Yet, sometimes the mind just wants to scroll on instagram, and engage in high dopamine tasks.

The monkey mind, an unsettled, restless, and/or confused state of being. The monkey mind is said to stifle your creativity, stopping you from moving towards your passions in life.

Have you ever been in a state where your mind is shooting from one thing to another and you have a hard time focusing on the topic at hand? That is the monkey mind. To connect with our mind is to settle the monkey mind and live at ease with what goes on inside our head.

The goal when connecting with our minds is to settle the monkey mind. To find calm and peace within the present moment.

Ways to Connect:

  1. Mediations ~ A Soul Expansion guided meditation

  2. Journal. Write those thoughts and ideas down. That can clear space in your mind to find more peace.

  3. Exercise

  4. Spend time in the outdoors

Anything that helps bring you into the present moment. Sit for a second, what brings YOU into the present moment?

Connecting with the Body

When our mind is calm and present, it is much easier to drop into our bodies. Our bodies have so much to tell us when we are listening.

The human body can have various ways of expressing itself. Whether through yoga, or a sport, the gym, or going out dancing, etc. Sometimes it can take a few tries of something new to find what fits your lifestyle and your body's expression.

One activity might suit you better now, and down the road you might find something else that feels better. That’s okay, and that's healthy! Keep moving, keep striving for connection with the body. Our mind body soul connection can’t be achieved without it!

Ways to Connect:

  1. Practice yoga

  2. Practice a sport: skiing, surfing, swimming, running, rock climbing etc.

  3. Eat clean healthy foods that make your body feel good

  4. Jump and dance around to playful music

Connecting with the Soul

The body is a beautiful vessel for the soul to express itself. Finding those movements that resonate with you is important for the total mind body soul connection.

The soul wants to be expressed, loved and appreciated. However, the mind can get in the way of such a potent expression. Connecting with the soul is to remember. Remember where you came from, why you are here, what you are here to achieve, and remember to find the joy.

So how do we do that?!

Ways to Connect with Soul:

  1. Identify limiting self beliefs. These are thoughts of the mind taking over not the soul. Remember who you are.

  2. Listen to your intuition

  3. Create space for your soul to come to the surface. It can be resilient, yet timid.

  4. Practice gratitude!


Do you feel inspired to dive into mind body soul connection? Do you want more out of your life than you are getting? Join us...

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