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10 Ways to Unleash Your Potential This New Year

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

2023 is around the corner and you’re probably thinking about what you want for the New Year and how you want to show up! Here are 11 ways to unleash your potential this New Year.

Sometimes when I stray from having a deep understanding of what I want to cultivate, the universe gets confused. I end up attracting opportunities and people that do not fully align with me.

It can take me a long time to really nail down the life, or opportunities, I desire. After running into pitfalls and stop signs. These 10 practices can be used throughout the ENTIRE year to help guide you back onto your path, or keep you tuned into it. This is not a “do it once and forget” kind of practice… Do them consistently and you will have consistent results.

1. Practice Gratitude

As little as writing, or saying, three things you are grateful for everyday can increase your vibration and lead you to a more fulfilled joyful life. Or, here are 5 ways to practice gratitude at any time of the year.

2. Get specific on what you want

If you do not know what you want. How are others supposed to know? How is the world supposed to know?

Once you become clear on what you want, the world around you will align with your desires. Spend some time with yourself, with your journal, and be honest.

3. Visualize what you desire

Once you get clear on what you want, embody it! What does it feel like to have what you want? What does it look like? Taste like? Smell like?

A visualization practice can be a very potent tool to get very specific on what you want to attract the right opportunities.

4. Listen to your intuition

Listening to our intuition is the ultimate guide to our greatest potential. We are all born with a strong intuition, it is in our nature.

Our intuition is what aligns our body and our mind. When you get butterflies over something you love, then get that wave of ecstasy… That is your intuition showing you are meant to be doing what you are doing!

Here are some tips to help you listen to your intuition.

5. Embrace the grounding practice of yoga

Yoga is an amazing tool. A tool to bring you back to center and connect with your body. There are tons of different styles, like hatha and vinyasa.

Hatha yoga tends to be more grounding. So when we are on our path to unleash our potential, hatha can be a great way to prevent overwhelm, nourish the body, and connect us deeper within ourselves.

6. Meditate

If you have meditated, or practice meditation, you understand the potency of this practice. To calm the monkey mind and be in control and allow us to live in a state of bliss, instead of stress.

Even just 5 minutes a day can make a huge impact overtime and help you unleash your potential.

7. Start to track your menstrual cycle!

The female menstrual cycle holds a deeper meaning than what our Western society realizes. Tracking our cycle allows us to tap deeper into the innate feminine wisdom we were born with. Overall, it invites more bliss, ease, and grace into every stage of the cycle.

Learn the different stages of our cycle and how to utilize them to achieve more bliss in your life. Ultimately, allowing women to unleash your potential, not allowing our menstruation periods to hold us down.

8. Gain awareness of limiting beliefs holding you back

Limiting self beliefs are beliefs you carry that diminish your true potential. A lot of them we do not recognize, to gain awareness is the first step.

Are you being told you aren’t enough, not smart, or don’t have enough money? To unleash your potential, these beliefs must be changed.

9. Balance your masculine and feminine energy

Masculine is the doing and the feminine is the being. To understand and balance these two can unleash your potential for the long run.

To invite feminine energy in your work life can help you not to get overwhelmed and stressed and find that creative flow within.

To invite the masculine energy in your work life can help you get things done, be productive, and keep priorities straight.

We need both to be successful. Here’s how to balance the two.

10. You create your reality: what are you creating?

We are creator beings. We form our reality based on our belief system and our thoughts. If you believe you can do it, truly believe, you will be able to achieve.

Have you built and set up your life the way you want? Did you create an amazing reality for yourself? You create your reality, what are you creating?

Unleash your potential. It sounds promising, right? The key here is consistency.

No one built a successful company overnight. Consistency is within building or creating. The practices here are meant not only for the beginning of 2023, but every year and everyday.


Start this New Year differently by investing in YOURSELF. Learn how to break your ways for a better tomorrow… Make your impact as the leader you are!

Are you ready to say ‘YES’ to YOURSELF?

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